Jaime Kyle Photo Credit: Dave Jenkins


The multi-Award winning “The Goddess of Hard Rock”  JAIME KYLE  has announced her new album will be titled ‘Wild One‘ and the first single from the disc has been issued.  

The album will be released this Autumn via Conquest Music.

Jaime Kyle is a phenomenal songwriter, as well as a fearless international performer. Her songs have sold over 19-million worldwide

The first single from the long-player is ‘Driving with the Brakes On’ featuring the Devon UK born blues-rock guitar virtuoso Kris Barras. It is a headlong headrush into vibratory contemporary blues with a staggerbushing beat, truckloads of spry musicianship and, as expected, fresh & exhilarant vocals from Jaime.

Driving With The Brakes On

“’Driving With Brakes On’ came up in a conversation I had with my sister,” reflects Jaime, “Newly divorced and just starting to date, she said: ‘It’s like driving with the brakes on!

I had stayed single for a long time and I said ‘Yes! It is! You want to fall in love fast, but you don’t really know them and at the same time navigating ‘do I stop dating other people or do I go on with this person and keep going?’ (Minutes to fall in, years to get out)…

Some people hide and some people show up. I told her she would know when it’s right and it would be all green lights and go, go, go! It’s about wanting to go and you keep hitting roadblocks.”

File alongside: New Riders of the Purple Sage (but with Chantel McGregor)

Photo: Dave Jenkins

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