Laura Evans by Rob Blackham

LAURA EVANS Gets Into A State

Soulful Welsh country-pop artist and talented singer-songwriter LAURA EVANS, whose singing voice we’ve described as a confluence  “of forcefulness and restlessness” will release her debut album “State of Mind” on 1st July 2022.

Recorded and produced by long-time collaborator Josiah J Manning, at Momentum Studios (Kris Barras, Inglorious) who produced Laura’s entire album, this synergistic creative partnership continues to rip across the fringes of the pop-country/blues genre, engaging audiences with a very characterful sound. And, as one might expect, it’s classy!

Blues rocky “I’m Alright” (the Ignite productions music video is shared below) written by Laura (with Rich Turner, & Josiah J Manning) bombilates with zappy attitude. It’s a song of strength, with resonating guitars and thumpy rhythms. If you can imagine a boxwood buzzfox of sound, with Duffy (Rockferry) on vocals accompanied by Edwyn Collins (A Girl Like You) on guitar & percussion, you’d be close to grasping the hard, soul-swinging, oomph of this upbeat number.

a boxwood buzzfox of sound…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Laura turns up the peppy sass for “Solo” a song about being comfortable and in tune with one’s own self. It’s chordal with just the right amount of propulsion… and it’s swampy blues-rock that’s perhaps been conecieved in the (slow groovin’) tradition of “Come Together.”

Fire With Fire” is a song about working on oneself and therefore is full of throbbing and propulsive rock guitars that center around a heady melody… with engaging lyrics that are filled with courage and awareness. This is a song that evokes the same kind of emotions, feelings, and responses that Fleetwood Mac elicited on their White Album.

Laura Evans - album artwork

Title track “State Of Mind” is a no-holds-barred Nashville-style bone-crusher with an almighty riff and the kind of super-loud, super-high, singing voice that sends pleasurable hot-shots through your calamanco underpants!

While “Let You Down Easy” is gentle and generous. And “Drag Me Back In” is a stomp-romp on broken relationships. It’s about breaking the bonds you maybe once believed were forged in iron, and so it’s a yell for freedom!

This is a fun album of percussive beats, perceptive lyricism, high-flying vocal aerobatics, and unassuming gumbo-style, blues-rock, musicianship. Great energy! Brilliant songwriting! Get into the State!

Laura will be a  special guest on Matt Andersen‘s October 2022 UK Tour (England/Scotland dates) see the tour poster (below) for more info. 

State of Mind” is out on Friday 1st July 2022 via  Rosie Music

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©
Images: Rob Blackham ©

Matt Anderson UK Tour poster

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