Troy Redfern Photo Credit © Adam Kennedy

REDFERN Draws Near

British slide guitarist, composer and producer TROY REDFERN whose 2021 album “…the Fire Cosmic!” RAW RAMP described astousled yet monumentally distinctive […]  and filled with radiance… has released a new single titled “Come On” taken from a forthcoming 10-track studio album “The Wings of Salvation” (due on September 23rd via  RED7 Records.)

It’s a knuckle-buckling slideroo with the rusty misgivings of a clapped-out Firebird driver who knows his worn brake linings are about to give way, so there’s the inevitable shake ‘n’ rattle of loose rivets, the gleam of hub-plate glare, and the general buzz of ragged-iron ferriferousness. Nevertheless, given the buckets of rust on this vehicle, the number also has heaps of glam-appeal and a kitsch-retro timelessness about it that feels so classic T.Rex! Check the video below to see what we mean!

After releasing an unprecedented six albums in just under two years, Troy’s new album promises to be his most persuasive work to date. The album testifies to Redfern’s mightily gritty vocal delivery, his succinct song-writing skills, those powertrain arrangements, and of course the musician’s thermal-dynamic guitar-play.

Troy Redfern Come On

I felt like the time was right to head back into the studio as the creative juices were flowing,” explained Redfern. “On the new album, I wanted to approach the recording process by starting with a completely clean slate.”

Dave Marks, my producer, and I also decided early on we wanted an old school aesthetic for this album, in that we wanted no studio fixes, no autotune, no drum editing or samples. It had to be real, with only complete takes, no chopping up parts in post-production to make them sound perfect…

We wanted an album that authentically captured my sound. I feel satisfied in knowing that we achieved what we set out to accomplish, and I couldn’t be prouder of this album…”

The Wings of Salvation is out Friday September 23rd. The single is out now. Both available from:

File alongside: Marc Bolan

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©
Main image: © Adam Kennedy

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