Pistols at Dawn 2022


Standing at the crossroads between 21st century attitude and old school arena-size ambition, PISTOLS AT DAWN lock ‘n’ load hard-hitting hooks, magnetic melodies, and intricate instrumentation in a searing signature style. 

The Atlanta, GA-based quintet—Adam Jaffe [drums], Devin White [guitar], Billy Sullivan [bass], Tommy Richardson [guitar], and Cris Hodges [vocals]—re-energize the genre, while maintaining the edge. 

After independently amassing over 6 million streams and collaborating with icons such as GRAMMY® Award-winning producer and engineer Sylvia Massy [Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash], the group now deliver eight mega sized rock anthems on their upcoming 2022 full-length LP, Ascension, out via distributor Megaforce Records/MRI Entertainment and due August 19th 2022.

All of our influences come out in the music, but with our own stamp,” they say. “There’s definitely a hard rock vibe combined with progressive lyrics. When you add these elements together, it beautifully combusts in Pistols At Dawn.”

Pistols at Dawn

Anchored by  a balance of extremes, the lead pre-release single  from Ascension titled “The Truth” (video shared below) nods to nineties alternative with a distinct and dynamic twist.

Adam says: “It revolves the around the constant noise we have in our head pushing and pulling our emotions so much that we sometimes lose total control and explode. We have to be careful to maintain our thoughts and emotions, or ‘The Truth’ is that they could tear us apart.” With jiggish bass-line, playsome chorus, zooty rhythms, and hearty-lusty vibes, this is dark-mellow hypnotic! 

File alongside: Pushmonkey, Devilskin 

Link: https://www.facebook.com/PistolsAtDawnBand/

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