Mieko Shimizu

MIEKO phenomenality

The amazing London based Japanese singer, songwriter, composer and producer MIEKO SHIMIZU has just dropped her video for ‘Phenomena Of The Mind’ the title song from a re-mastered EP of selected tracks from her 2006 album of the same name.

Mieko first erupted onto the UK electronic scene as Apache 61; her visceral alter ego. The self-titled album garnered plays by John Peel and Mieko quickly built a name for herself across the London & Berlin underground scenes.

Phenomena Of The Mind

Phenomena Of The Mind is a propulsively penetrative number with shy-sour vibes, infrigidated vocals and a waterish background wash, As a slice of avant art it sits somewhere between baggy shifting electropop and expansionary-slippery world-hip-hop artistry.  

Check-out the video (below) with Cara Osang (contortionist) and Laurence Rumney (videographer) 

File alongside: Laurie Anderson

Link: https://www.facebook.com/micomusic

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