Murdo Mitchell - Jaded


In March 2022 singer-songwriter  MURDO MITCHELL brought us his heart-wrenching and deeply introspective verse-motif to breakup & gloom, titled ‘Ghosts’.

On the single Murdo’s graceful, dreamlike voice took listeners through the saddening emotional experience of loss and heartbreak, deconstructing themes of broken trust & fractured promises. We described the number as evoking: “the profound restiveness of a bewintered, comfortless night alone…

Here the young songster evokes unfiltered emotion…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Now the Scottish singer-songwriter is offering more thoughts on loss and heartbreak, with a passionate release titled  ‘Jaded’.

The video for the piece, directed by Johan Lundsten (see below) was filmed in the awesome majesty of Sweden, and is a striking visual counterpart to the rich and vibrant track. Here the young songster evokes unfiltered emotion.

Jaded Murdo Mitchell

Further developing his tender & compelling storytelling through impactful compositions, on ‘Jaded’ Murdo taps into the feeling of growing distance between friends, and the musician cleverly articulates the anguish of relinquishment.

Murdo Mitchell’s video for ‘Jaded’ was released on 20th June 2022 via Icons Creating Evil Art

Murdo Live Shows:

16th September 2022 / St Pancras Church / London
29th September 2022 /  SWG3 Poetry Club / Glasgow

Main image: video still, Johan Lundsten

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