Following his well-received ‘Stay Nocturnal‘ EP released in November 2021, which explored the complexities of addiction and navigating love amid the uncertainties of pandemic, singer-songwriter  MURDO MITCHELL returns with a deeply introspective verse-motif to breakup and gloom, titled ‘Ghosts’.

On the single Murdo’s graceful, dreamlike voice takes listeners through the saddening emotional experience of loss and heartbreak, deconstructing themes of broken trust & broken promises, as his song ferrets into the retrogrades & shadings of lost love, with an unforgettable, plaintively beautiful, melody.

Ghosts cover

Thus, ‘Ghosts’ renders sensitive coming-of-age rhetoric with compelling rhythms as it evokes the profound restiveness of a bewintered, comfortless night alone with just one’s thoughts as company. 

He says: “Ghosts is about the vulnerability you open yourself up to in a relationship and the trust that both parties must have in order for it to function. But more especially, it’s probably more to the point of what happens when that trust breaks down.”

The new single is out now, via Stockholm based boutique music label  Icons Creating Evil Art

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