Following her most recent release ‘Seriously?’ which wowed listeners with introspective commentary, Toronto singer-songwriter MAYA MALKIN blends young pop-prodigy persona with emotive and accessible pop-punk-inspired storytelling in the new single  ‘Hypocrite’ released 25th of March 2022.

With its punchy-peppy, addictive melodies infused with mature, attention-getting lyricism, ‘Hypocrite’ fluently bridges the gap between mainstream, accessible pop space and deeper, more serious, psychosocial storytelling. Masterful!


Speaking about the new single, Maya says:“This one is like the breaking point. It pretty much starts from the beginning of the end of the relationship, and takes you to the ultimate end, where I’ve hit peak frustration.”

“So it’s really the angsty climax of the whole story, where I’ve had more than I could take, and had to call it what it was. It’s more on the rock end of the spectrum, which is really fun, and just drives the point home even more –”

“it’s very guitar-driven, and aggressive; similar to Congratulations, but cranked up a notch. This is another song that’s super therapeutic to me, and I think it will be for a lot of other people, too.”


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