Tell Me What I Don't Know WOLF MOON

WOLF MOON Don’t Know

WOLF MOON made up of London-based singer songwriters, Jimmy Owen, a world-class synaesthetic guitar genius, and Kelly Lethbridge, a highly talented English vocalist, began working, writing and synchronizing together in Brighton in 2007-8 while studying. The guitarist spotted the singer singing an Audioslave song in front of a packed audience at Brighton’s biggest venue.

Their expressive and always very aesthetically pleasing soft rock sounds are designed to bring relief and release from everyday hardships. Their songs will take listeners on an emotional journey.

they huskily twinkle inside independent / interdependent platonic worlds…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

We described their 2019 album titled “Mind over Matter”  as “regret and resolution […] filled with musical quality, melodic intelligence and celestial harmony.

The summery new single, titled ‘Tell Me What I Don’t Know’ is due to be released on Friday 1st July 2022.  

The idea and inspiration behind the song was drawn from experiences in relationships — in particular the results of being too accommodating — and how laxity and relaxation inside a relationship can lead to separation. This story tells of a person who has finally gained the long-awaited realization of a sunsetting  fulfilment.

Wolf Moon single cover

The guitar part was played on a baritone guitar, to add depth & darkness, while the synths create a sense of cloudscaping drama. The song has an energetic, churning beat, with mutually complementary voices that, although tethered and hooked to one-another, ravish alone, because they huskily twinkle inside different independent / interdependent platonic worlds. The chorus is dazzling, the musicality is exemplary. This is a delicious slice of California soft rock sound… with pain & bittersweetness wrapped tight inside a sunny sugar-coating!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

File alongside: Fleetwood Mac (1975)

The single is out 1st July 2022

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