Miss Kitty Andy Finlay taken at Wildfire Festival during an interview with Great Music Stories


To broaden the appeal of authentic grassroots rock, GREAT MUSIC STORIES will this week release the compilation CD:  MODERN ROCK VOL 4.

Over the course of the month, 500 copies of the free CD will be made available to Friday Rock Show listeners. Each person who requests a copy will also receive a second copy to give to a scene newcomer, a modest yet useful action that, it’s hoped, will broaden the scene and expose unsigned and rising acts to new listeners.

The new fourth edition comes right after Volume 3, which was devoted to the musical acts that had backed the radio station ‘rock shows for freedom’; in support of the people of Ukraine.

As the award-winning show presenter Guy B explains: “Initially Volume 3 was going to be a continuation of where we left off with Volume 2 in 2019, a collection of cracking songs that deserved attention…

When the Ukraine invasion happened, we focused our rock shows on supporting freedom, the humanitarian issues and (so) Volume three followed that path as an expression of support for the people of Ukraine and victims of conflict worldwide. That project was an important moment for us all, but now we return with the songs that were originally ear-marked for the next CD.

Great Music Stories- Modern Rock Volume 4

The focus of Volume 4 is ‘community’; – the CD is a thank you to the people that tune in each Friday and, in doing so, advocate bands on social media and email. The bands chosen are also a selection of the many that get directly involved on Friday nights, chat with music fans and support the show. The new collection is deliberating varied to underline the strength of today’s scene being its diversity.

Volume 4 includes two former Singles of the Year as well as the return of Great Music Stories’ final three Bands of the Year: Amongst Liars, As Sirens Fall and Scarlet Rebels. Each episode in the moder rock series spreads the word about the variety of talent on the scene today, with several artists making their debuts on this fourth collection.

offering a free CD helps ensure access to new music for everyone…

Guy B – Great Music Stories

The new CD is the result of mutual collaboration with managers, labels and bands and is a completely non-commercial exercise – a rare project that is all, or only, about the merit of the music. Guy B adds: ”The CD is free, it’s all about spreading the word on new music and it’s a principle everyone involved in the project buys into. Further with a cost-of-living crisis, offering a free CD helps ensure access to new music continues for everyone. If anyone has a few pounds they can spare for music, in my view they should spend it directly with a band at their webstore or their ticket site.”

Main picture: Miss Kitty by Andy Finla. Taken at Wildfire Festival during an interview with Great Music Stories

Full track listing

1. Scarlet Rebels -These Days

2. Marshall Potts -Heaven Or Home

3. Matt Pearce + The Mutiny -Got A Thing Going On

4. Cloverhill -Beach

5. Miss Kitty -Bury The Hatchet (acoustic version)

6. As Sirens Fall -Dynamite

7. Violet Blend -Rock DJ (Music video shared below)

8. Twisted Illusion -Extrovert vs Introvert

9. Tarraska -Requiem

10. Skam -New Dawn (radio edit)

11. Firekind -Sound Of Rain

12. DeadBlondeStars -Shine Any Light

13. Amongst Liars – ‘All Over Now’ (Pihka Is My Name Remix)

14. Theia -The Day

15. King Voodoo -Hold On

16. Troy Redfern -Profane

17. Cry For Mercy- Sons And Daughters

18. Takeaway Thieves -Soothe Me

19. Copperworm- Pulse (Radio edit)

20. Jack J Hutchins-on -Halo

21. Sons Of Liberty I Come In Peace

Tune in to the Friday show on greatmusicstories.com / Alexa from 5pm

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