Troy Redfern photo by Adam Kennedy

REDFERN Unleads the Gas

British slide desperado, talented blues-rock composer, and electromotive guitar-slinger TROY REDFERN has released a summer sizzler, titled ‘Gasoline.’ It is the second single from his forthcoming album ‘The Wings Of Salvation’ due September 23rd 2022.

On this banger, the scritching wooze of Troy’s trusty-rusty bottleneck pairs brilliantly with the tribal thump of rhythms as higher pitched notes tussle with groaning bass ends offered up by the low, low, resonator. The boogie-ready vocal is washed leather ‘n’ scorched rust  — in other words, it’s dulcet scratch and blotched scuff — but that makes this parched metallochrome divertimento even more atmospheric! Yes, it’s a thundering triumph!

With Gasoline I wanted to write a positive, uplifting, good-time rock ’n’ roll tune,” says Troy.

Right now, we’re bombarded with a lot of negative news in the media. Lyrically, I wanted to put something out there that was the opposite to that. The groove of this tune is in 7/8, which isn’t a typical rock ’n’ roll rhythm, but I really love the flow and feel of riffing in this time signature, especially playing slide using the National resonator in a low tuning. The combination sounds huge.

Troy Redfern Gasoline

The Wings of Salvation opens up an exciting new chapter in Redfern’s career as a slide guitarist and as a creative force in the recording studio. It was produced by Dave Marks (Hans Zimmer) at the UK’s Dulcitone Studios: “My goal was to make a record that was a true representation of where I am right now as an artist,” says Redfern. “I wanted to create something in the spirit of the old school classic rock albums that I grew up listening to.”

I felt like the time was right to head back into the studio as the creative juices were flowing,” says Redfern. “On the new album, I wanted to approach the recording process by starting with a completely clean slate.”

File alongside: mid 1970’s Aerosmith or late 1960’s Yardbirds

Main photo: Adam Kennedy

Troy Redfern October 2022 Tour Poster

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