Love In The Sun Wolf Moon


WOLF MOON is made up of two London-based singer-songwriters: Jimmy Owen, a world-class synaesthetic guitar genius, and Kelly Lethbridge, a gifted English vocalist.

Last week, the duo released their second single of the summer, this one titled ‘Love in the Sun’.

the chorus flares out like a seraphic shimmer of loveliness…

Raw Ramp Music Mag

Emerging from the sunbeams with a ricochet of palm-pounding rhythms, embellished with waxy-smooth guitar and some gentle acoustic plucking, this lavishly ornate composition offers, at first, a lively male voice that hides its greatest anxieties in the darling rays of fairweather. 

But the blue sky is never entirely threatened by the anguish of an empty heart (though it comes close) because the chorus flares out of this wonderful piece like a seraphic shimmer of loveliness. There is always melancholy, even on the brightest of days, but it is harder to see hidden concerns in the dazzling radiances of our greater longings.

Wolf Moon

Always expressive and always aesthetically pleasing WOLF MOON’s smooth rock sounds are designed to bring relief and release from everyday hardships. Their songs take listeners on emotional journeys and we thought their recent sun-kissed single ‘Tell Me What I Don’t Know’ was also a: “delicious slice of California soft rock sound… with pain & bittersweetness wrapped tight inside a sunny sugar-coating…

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©
Main Artwork by Milk & Bone Design
Love in the Sun’ is out now 


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