The Commoners Find A Better Way


Canadian classic roots ‘and ‘n’ blues rock band THE COMMONERS wil release Too Much, the second single from their album Find A Better Way, due November 4th 2022.

Possessing a sound that seems to have been decanted from the betimbered underbelly of a barrel of bootlegged Canadian Rye, The Commoners are a four-piece outfit from Toronto, Ontario.

a tight-sprung fizz of zip-up guitars, white-knuckle rhythms, and just the right amount of reprobate sleaze!

Raw Ramp Music Mag

Too Much’ (video shared below) is a tight-sprung fizz of zip-up guitars, white-knuckle rhythms, and just the right amount of reprobate sleaze! The tip-top chorus is beautifully uncontrived and the whole piece rides like a beefed up Studebaker Commander whisking the Yellowhead Highway on a gleaming July morning.

The nine tracks on Find A Better Way, which have been dubbed “a classic rock and roll affair,” take the listener on a sonic journey through the band’s lives, from the dusty back roads of rural Ontario to the dazzling lights of the big metropolis.

The Toronto-based four-piece band is renowned for their high-energy guitars, soulful vocals, and complex harmonies. They offer their own fusion of rock & roll, southern blues, and roots music. The end result is a genuinely oil-soaked Southern rock performance.

Find A Better Way - The Commoners

The group was assembled over the course of a decade, adapting through numerous obstacles to form the unit as it exists today: Chris Medhurst (vocals/guitar), Ben Spiller (bass), Ross Hayes Citrullo (lead guitar), and Adam Cannon (drums). Often joined by their friend, organist Miles Evans-Branagh.

The new album authentically embodies the rock and roll, soul, and blues rock experience,” says the band’s lead singer, Chris Medhurst. “That’s something we really wanted to bring back. That’s the roots. That’s what we listen to.

The album can be pre-ordered here:

File alongside: The Black Crowes

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