Jessica Lynn Photo Credit Scott Vincent

JESSICA LYNN Rides Into Better Days

Today, the widely anticipated, all-new 13-track album ‘Lone Rider’ by New York-based country crossover artist JESSICA LYNN is released.

Although her music has a following among listeners of country sounds and Americana, it also appeals to wider rock-loving audiences. Jessica’s 2017 appearance on the Ramblin’ Man’s Outlaw Country stage, her debut at a rock festival, was evidence of that broader appeal. Her cover of AC/DC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ set the country tent rocking, as did her own songs and exciting stage presence.

With a rigorous international tour scheduled of 14+ nations, two Top 40/Top 50 singles on country radio, and three full-length concert television specials broadcast across the U.S.A. the New York born singer-songwriter is fast becoming a household name. She has performed on stages with some of the most recognisable figures in the industry (such as Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Loretta Lynn, ZZ Top, Richard Marx, Lonestar, Montgomery Gentry, and others). 

These songs find brilliance in the oversorrow of bypast love and seek grandeur in love’s greater sacrifice…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Jessica has built an enormous, highly devoted, global fanbase that is evident in her social media presence, reaching over one million people a month on Facebook alone and having a combined follower count of over 750k fans worldwide. Her dynamic, high-energy performances, which highlight her powerful voice and multiple instrumental talents, including piano, guitar, harmonica, and drums, have received rave-reviews from critics around the world. We have described her voice as “rosewood and aventurine…” and her general sound as “country-inspired rock ‘n’ roll…” 

 ‘Lone Rider’ is the largest ‘passion project’ the singer-songwriter has ever undertaken and was created during the tense period when she frequently had to cancel shows, including a long-planned 15-country world tour, and other appearances too, over two years, due to pandemic limitations. The album tells stories from her life and combines all the musical genres she adores, to reveal  much about who she is as a private person (and, of course, an artist) seen through the prisms of country rock, blues, soul, and pop.

Jessica Lynn Photo credit: Scott Vincent

Now or Never’ is a sunshiny, citrusy-happy number with a catchy bounce in its bones… it comes packed with nuanced lyrics and a sprightly, debonair attitude…

Getaway Car’ touches on the desire to let go (which we have all felt of late) and is a feisty & cheerful, jangly-chorded song with an enthusiastically strumming riff, lots of bubbling guitar moments, and plenty of delightful & richly musical trilling. It’s surprisingly danceable as well!

While ‘The Morning Always Comes’ is a rumble-thumping fleshquake of chills and shuffling connotations as Jessica’s voice expressively unfolds her feelings to convey a number of private supplications and warmly rekindled recollections. These are set against a perfect bundle of gentle guitar sounds.

And ‘Run To’ is a waltzing hymn and yet, this is the skilful thing about this artist, actually it’s about emptiness. Her songs seems to always find brilliance in the oversorrow of bypast love and seek grandeur in love’s greater sacrifice. 

Our favourite track is ‘Love me That Way’ (the official live music video is shared below) which is a gliding swish of boogie with shuffling dabbers of backroom piano, and oozles of shiny-gliding guitar. As usual, Jessica’s crystal voice is readable and throughly unbreakable. This song expresses wholehearted resolution.  It’s about strength and unwavering dedication… much like the singer and her fantastic songs!

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©
Photos: Scott Vincent ©

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