Metalite Photo Credit Mats Vassfjord 2020

METALITE Bring Stars

Three CD’s in and METALITE are still throwing their fire-axes into the zeniths of symphonic rock’s zodiacal cloud! And long may they hammer-throw into the cosmic oorts!

The Stockholm-based Swedish melodic metal act release their “Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2022” EP on 28th October,and the first single from the disc ‘We Bring You The Stars‘ is out now via AFM Records. (Video shared below.)

high-spirited, zappy & cock-a-hoop effusive…

Raw Ramp Music Mag

As we got this opportunity to play at Sweden’s most beloved rock/metal festival, we wanted to eternalize this epic moment and record our live performance…” explains guitarist Edwin Premberg.  

For those readers who are interested in technitrivia, Metalite (used during WW2) was a building material of balsa wood sandwiched between two thin sheets of metal, and was utilized in the fabrication of wings and fuselage for war-planes. So this band-name is pretty-well precise: durability interposed between polished metalliform plates.

Metalite We Bring You The Stars

Formed in 2015, founded by Edwin Premberg and Emma Bensing, their first full-length Heroes in Time was issued in 2017 when Emma was still their vocalist. Erica Ohlsson took over from Emma’s duties in 2019 when Emma left to concentrate on other projects and devote more time to motherhood. 

We Bring You The Stars is, of course, high-spirited, zappy, and cock-a-hoop effusive with throaty vocals that burst into viridescence and similarly blazing guitars that radiate from the ever-brightening rhythms. In other words, unstoppable!

File alongside Amaranthe, Kalidia


Photo Credit: Mats Vassfjord 2020

Album cover photo by Friedemann Kopp

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