Brave Rival Photo Credit © Rob Blackham

BRAVE RIVAL Run To/From Love

We have described the British five-piece blues-rock ‘n’ soul ensemble BRAVE RIVAL as: a multi-dimensional experience… and we gave their stunning album Life’s Machine five stars as we compared their dramatic sounds to Heart, Aretha Franklin, and Fleetwood Mac.

Now the band, that comprises singers Lindsey Bonnick and Chloe Josephine, with Ed “The Shred” Clarke on guitar, the uncommonly versatile Donna Peters on drums, and the legendary Billy Dedman on bass, issue a new single (taken from the album) titled ‘Run and Hide’ to celebrate the release of their deluxe double purple vinyl version of the album,  available (for pre-order) now.

The exhilarating voices stampede into full fiery-tirade mode…

Raw Ramp Music Mag

“‘Run and Hide’ is a New Wave of Classic Rock banger that tells the tale of a stalker going a few steps too far. Something I think a lot of women sadly have had to deal with in one way or another”, says Brave Rival’s co-lead vocalist, Chloe.

We went really big on the production of this song to really capture those massive 80’s rock sounds” explains drummer Donna. “But there are elements of light and shade with a bridge that is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and Heart!”

Run and Hide

The exhilarating voices stampede into full fiery-tirade mode from the slabbery of the opening guitar lines, via a muttony riff. The chorus has some really spine-tingling harmonies, and the whole thing is a lesson in high-grade auditory compulsion!

The deluxe double purple vinyl  edition of Life’s Machine featuring four bonus acoustic songs recorded by the band live at St Mary’s Church, Portsmouth with the band’s producer Tarrant Shepherd,  is available from the band’s page:  WWW.BRAVERIVAL.COM/SHOP

Main photo: © Rob Blackham
Album cover image: © Global Fire Creative

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