Austin Gold

AUSTIN GOLD Lights the City

Anthemic British hard rock act, AUSTIN GOLD, have launched the pre-order campaign for their new album, Those City Lights to be released via TMR Rock Records on Fri 04 November 2022.

Mountain, taken from the new album, has a satisfying vibe and delivers a super-massive punch! We really love the moonshine tinctura of glossy organ, the picktooth bass-play and the communicational know-how of the tune.

Those City Lights is their third release, following on from their debut album ‘Before Dark Clouds’ (2017) and the acclaimed self-titled mini-album ‘Austin Gold’ (2019). This will be the band’s first release on the recently established label TMR Rock Records, whose releases by The Karma Effect and Revival Black reached the Official Independent Charts.

Peterborough rockers Austin Gold
Peterborough rockers Austin Gold

AUSTIN GOLD were making waves after their two successful studio albums, tours with King King and Gun, and a main stage participation at the most recent Ramblin’ Man Festival.

The world was then messed up by Covid, but the boys stayed adaptable, hunkered down, and wrote and recorded Those City Lights.

Mainman, David James Smith, explains, “Just as for many, 2020 & 21 were hard with a capital H. The only things we could control were writing and recording so that’s what we did

With our last release being a mini-album we were determined to come back will a full fat album, that allowed us to explore a wider dynamic and allowed us to breathe a little. Introduce some light and shade.”

He added, “Lyrically, there’s a theme running throughout Those City Lights… its about escapism, optimism while digging deep to find that inner strength.

I think these are themes that will resonate with people, even as we go through life’s current turmoil of price rises and wars. There’s a strength to humanity that finds a path; a way through.

Musically, its hard hitting, we are a rock band with big guitars and choruses but at times we’ve stripped it back and also pushed the keys and drums a little harder. It has a great balance, something we believe fans of Austin Gold will love while opening us up to a fresh audience.”

Release date; FRI 04 NOVEMBER 2022


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