Kira Mac Mississippi Swinging

KIRA MAC Swings Mississippi

KIRA MAC — an established songwriter & talented musician — has the voice of a fireball, she’s as hot as a dragon, and her music is twice as intoxicating as an overflowing fountain of absinthe!

The Voice UK (series 11) contestant fronts the rapidly rising blues-rock powerhouse (of the same name) which the Stoke-On-Trent singer co-founded along with guitarist Joe Worrall. Alex Novakovic (guitar), Bret Barnes (bass) and Cal Casey (drums) later joined the lineup.

dramatically feisty-heartfelt vocals — of  fireball sourmash & neat Southern Comfort…

Raw Ramp Music Mag

Their recently announced album, ‘Chaos is Calling’ contains the steaming hot number ‘Mississippi Swinging’ (music video shared below) which is a fast-burner that combines hotblooded rhythms with  heavyweight handbuilt guitar megablasts and, at the centre, those dramatically feisty-heartfelt vocals — of  fireball neat Southern Comfort.

Kira Mac

Mississippi Swinging’ is a song that deals with regret by asserting a hard-won sense of pride. So, as you’d expect, it’s a heady alchemical mix of rock fortitude, spirited vehemence, and heated emotion!  Brilliant!

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