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Brighton, England band BAD LUCK FRIDAY with vocalist and harmonica daredevil derring-do’er  WILL WILDE have released a hot-spot new single (with music video shared below) titled  “Rebel With A Cause.” (Note the positive inclinator!)

Rebel With A Cause is Bad Luck Friday’s unambiguous statement about Britain’s current political climate,” says the band’s guitarist Steve Brook. 

Channeling Rage Against the Machine, the track’s opening riff serves as a rallying call to the disaffected, the downtrodden and jaded alike: get off your rear and get to the front!  It’s big, bold and demands to be heard.”

The band was born when live music stopped because of the epidemic. Frustrated but unwavering in his resolve toward creativity, Wilde hooked up with guitarist Steve Brook. The two went on an inward trip and created their own sound before adding Alan Taylor (drums) and Jack Turnbull (bass) to the lineup.

Anthemic choruses, snappy riffs, searing vocals, and Wilde’s scorching harmonica solos are all part of the band’s superpotent blend of bluesy classic rock and bellicose, modern hard rock.

Rebel With a Cause Bad Luck Friday

The song Rebel With A Cause begins with a wailing shrike of exclamation (on Wilde’s buzz-guttural harp) set against clobbering bass, pounding rhythms, and a cudgelling Zeppelinian style guitar riff.  Perhaps the sentiment (the term ‘rebel’ has Southern connotations) is inexpedient, nevertheless the lyrical content provokes thought. And, let’s be honest, with a cause does not exactly have the same ring to it if you add the descriptor ecoalarmist activist or fair-minded distributist does it? Anyway, whatever your politics, this impassioned rock monumentality is impressive from any angle you look at it!

The band will support Jared James Nichols at The Black Heart in London on Wednesday 22nd February. Tickets are available from –

The band’s eponymous debut album “Bad Luck Friday” is available on CD and limited coloured edition vinyl at –

Main photo credit: Blackham Images

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