Villages photo by Matt Horseman

VILLAGES conjure Dark

The Canadian folk-rock quartet VILLAGES have shared their new single “Play the Fiddle All Night,” that is the next offering from their upcoming album Dark Island, out February 17 via Sonic Records. The single is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes music video (shared below,) and is impelled by magnificently lush instrumentation and faithfully recreated Celtic atmospherics.

The Cape Breton, Nova Scotia-based band tends to produce ancestor-inspired music that stays true to their forebears’ folk traditions and history but is infused with indie rock characteristics.

The song was written after reflecting on the traditional poem ‘The Dark Island,’” say the band, Matt Ellis, Travis Ellis, Jon Pearo and Archie Rankin. 

Stirring up thoughts of mortality and what our home on Cape Breton Island would be pined for when the time comes. The song presented itself very quickly and we finished it only a few days before we were scheduled to record.”

There was a striking similarity in themes carried in both the poem and our tracklist, so it ultimately gave namesake to the album. The song immediately felt vital to the record and given the spontaneity of it all, it was one of the more exciting experiences in songwriting that we’ve had.”

Villages Dark Island cover

This has a swinging undulation that makes it seem as though we are hauling Breton ropes together as we save a sinking shiplet from a raging sea. The vocal is powerful and well-spoken. The instrumental quality is fluid and appealing. And the soundpainting is convincing. Additionally, the poetic lyricism is outstanding! This is magnificent!

Pre-order Dark Island here:

Words: @neilmach 2023 ©
Main photo credit: Matt Horseman

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