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MARC BROUSSARD Uses Imagination

American ‘Bayou Soul’ singer-songwriter and performer MARC BROUSSARD (son of one time Louisiana Boogie King Ted Broussard) has covered a Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland blues-soul standard, ‘I’ve Got To Use My Imagination’ as the new single from his forthcoming studio album ‘S.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul’ due out next month.

50 percent of the proceeds from sales of the single will  go to Guitars Over Guns in Miami so please help spread the word. Guitars Over Guns is a nonprofit that offers students from the most vulnerable communities a combination of music and mentorship

His first S.O.S.: Save Our Soul was issued in 2007 and featured a plumptious set of soul covers including the Al Green /Teenie Hodges hit ‘Love and Happiness.’

Broussard’s second S.O.S. album was issued in 2016 (Soul on a Mission.) And the last, S.O.S. 3: A Lullaby Collection was issued in 2019.

The profound poignancy & richness of Broussard’s voice, set against a perforating buzzing riff, is  flavourful and shadowfilled —

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Given his seminal roots in Louisiana and his distinctive southern sound that is mined from a lifetime’s immersion in funk, blues, rock, and R&B — Broussard easily conveys his own unique spin on this classic track penned by the legendary songwriters Gerry Goffin and Barry Goldberg for Gladys Knight & the Pips and which featured on their Buddah Records debut album, Imagination in 1973.

In Broussard’s rendition, the song is given a forceful and dynamic vocal performance that is backed by guitar accompaniment from Soulive’s Eric Krasno and a scorching solo from none other than Joe Bonamassa. The song draws inspiration from Bland’s reworking while also going further into the minacious impulses that are central to the song’s meaning and messaging.

The profound poignancy and richness of Broussard’s voice, set against a perforating buzzing riff, is  flavourful and shadowfilled, like the depth and smokiness of those ever-darkening swamps.

Additionally, the beats add to the developing sensation of dread and uncertainty. While Bonamassa’s guitar solo cuts through the piece like lemon chayote and lime juice. Truly remarkable!

I've Got To Use My Imagination

He [Bland] was the first blues singer that I really responded to,” Broussard suggests. “That howl that Bland did, that bark that he does in his songs, really got me. His recordings are all up in my heart. I just have to dig into them to try to do them my own way, but I still listen to his music to get true inspiration for what a singer can share.” 

Broussard’s  Blues and Soul collection S.O.S. 4 is due 3rd March 2023. Other compelling tracks include Cuttin’ In featuring Roddie Romero Love, The Time Is Now featuring Bobby Junior, I Asked for Water featuring JJ Grey, I Like to Live the Love featuring Eric Krasno, Locked Up in Jail (Prison Blues) featuring Josh Smith and two further tracks featuring the legendary guitarist Joe Bonamassa: Driving Wheel and When Will I Let Her Go.

The album was produced by Joe Bonamassa & Josh Smith (Reese Wynans, Eric Gales, Joanna Connor, Joanne Shaw Taylor, etc.) 

Words: @neilmach 2023 ©
Photo Credit: © Jeff Fasano

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