The Common Tongues – Live at Replay’s Covent Garden Store

On Thursday as part of the Replay Clothing Store ‘Road Trip To Bestival’, Replay’s superb Covent Garden shop hosted a special concert with the Common Tongues.

The store also welcomed other acts discovered on the Road Trip , including Asteroids, Will The People, King Jacks and Foreign Office- all of whom have been picked for the 2011 Bestival’s line-up.

Besides being treated to the excellent musical performances on offer, lucky customers who made a purchase in store during the event, were automatically entered into a contest to win a pair of Bestival tickets. Bestival 2011 is on September 8 to 11 in Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight. United Kingdom.

‘The Common Tongues’ kicked off the event, starting early at 6pm bringing delighted shoppers and music lovers together with a whirligig of gleefully twirling tunes, pitter-pattering percussion and sweetly serenading violin. And although it tipped down outside in the street,with torrents of rain whooshing down the gutters, inside the store the atmosphere was calm…  the sincere acoustic guitar and wistful vocals adding to the summery effect. The band looked good (rigged out in Replay togs) and sounded good, as they gently unveiled their songs, teasing us with their fluttering kite-high sounds.

Tunes in their short set included ‘Jumping Ships’ with ripe vocals, languid acoustic guitar and sinuous violin, wrapped around a luxuriant verse and rambling on neatly towards a jaunty chorus – with the motto of this folly-foot frolic being “don’t get your fingers burnt whilst your guard is down…”

The band even played a brand new song at the event, so new – in fact – that it has not yet been named. This tune, like others in the ‘Common Tongues’ song-book is a gleeful patchwork of twirling folksy sounds that evoke a sweetly harmonious world of sand castles, ice creams and making love in the hay.

The band is now off to Bordeaux  for a week of intensive songwriting before the Bestival dates. Let’s hope that they carry on creating and developing their thoughtful, joyous and carefully crafted songs.

Read a little about each band on Replay’s Road Trip To Bestival hub page HERE at CLASH MUSIC.

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