The Ocean Between Us – My Social Life Took Over My Whole Life – Single Review

Those Leeds-based Yorkshire devils ‘The Ocean Between Us’ have had an exceptional year & they plan on ending it in style with the release of their brand new single ‘My Social Life Took Over My Real Life’ on November 21st which deals with the experiences of the band as they struggle to lead structured lives in between frantic touring & recording.

We have had an early listen to the single and this is what we think:

Feedback terror at 32,000 feet…  Finely cut slivers of meaty sushi-sized guitars  and those lionizing gold wrapped spinster chords that are held  briefly in the air by powder-bombs of percussive brilliance.  Add to all this a hearty bucket-load of fanciful loud-mouth vocals and burrs of stigmatic roughage with the type of pogo-beat  that is responsible for making you bring up your breakfast – and you have got yourself one hell of a package!   Oh my, it is worth it…

Silver-sun aspects and engaging firestorm peaks blur the fumes from the burning of the books. And that lofty chorus reminds you that everything before is lame. Everything afterwards is insignificant. You are solemnly bidden …  Yell this anthem out from the roof tops.

This starts out as a composition of global significance and gets somewhat better n’ better at each and every listen.  I implore you to grab it with both claws!

-© Neil_Mach Nov 2011-

Check the  youtube teaser (below) and check out the band’s facebook page to see how you can get yourself a copy.


My Social Life Took Over My Whole Life will be released digitally via
Wolf At Your Door Records on November 21st

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