BoomTown Choice Twelve Artists You Should Not Miss At BoomTown 2012


Now in its fourth year the festival will offer an array of music, theatre, comedy and art. BoomTown Fair is a music, arts and family festival that takes place at Matterley Bowl, nr. Winchester, Hampshire, from Thursday 9th until Sunday 12th August 2012.

With 30 Stages and 15 venues, the choice of where to go and what to see  is deliciously exhausting !   So we have come up with 12 Artists you should not miss  … add these to your weekend ‘check list’ …
Dub Pistols
The Town Centre Stage
Try this FREE download of summer vibes Rompa’s Reggae Shack – Dub Pistols Mix by @RompaUrbanNerds via #soundcloud to get an idea of why you should not miss this band.
Moonshine and waves of silk start this song going – light drums glisten the surface before a huge bass wallows into view. This bassline sets up the gleaming reggae – for all it’s worth. Rude yet civilized vocals limp around. And they add piquancy and flavor when they are most needed. You won’t be able to stop your shimmy to the vibrating beat though – it’s so shakable. Tense yourself. And wait for release.     Link:



First Degree Burns
Oldtown Theatre

Born out of a city that often echoes the bassy hypnotic sounds of Dub influenced music come ‘First Degree Burns’ or more simply known FDB. Having coined the term ‘Skip-Hop’ to sum up their unique blend of genres,  FDB have held onto their roots, developing their unique sound into their impressive 8-piece band and creating a seamless fusion of Ska, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Rock.With a trunk load of new material being finely tuned in their Bristol studio and various videos projects due to launch this year, FDB are set to turn even more heads in 2012.

‘Hip Hop Why’ – has an enormous expanse – almost a hollywood movie in intent and ambition. The horns bump, gleam and intrude. The vocals and lyrics are timeless and splendid. Rappy at times, they also hold on tight to their vintage heritage. The percussion sparkles and the whole piece dances along- shoving slow-coaches out of the way to get to the centre of the dance-floor. Stupendous.

And ‘Narcissus’ has some gorgeous steelpan harmonies and then a twisting horny instrumental, that comes in like a python on the kill, and  soon takes over. The place turns into a fiery wreck, as things speed up to a break-neck assault. The vocalist manages to hang on, but has to spatter out vocals as fast as a scatter gun. A lesson in shaking and vibrating.



The Town Centre Stage

Born out of love for Jamaican sound clash, forged through a do it yourself punk rock ethic and delivered with a raw hip hop swagger, the unstoppable BaByHeAd sound is drawn from all quarters of the musical universe, in true Bristol fashion. They have been a live phenomenon in the clubs and on the festival circuit, for a decade plus, rocking stages from Glastonbury to Fabric and Keith Allen once called them the “bastard child of Ian Dury and Iggy pop” while the legendary Toots Hibbert has, himself, tipped the band.Rapid-fire vocals illuminate the bruising fleshy sounds that are stout in girth and all encompassing in ambition. Every now and then, things get glued down, and then things can become hot, anarchic and raunchy. This is when trumpets flare and the audience skanks.  Come alive to BaByHeAd !



The Empress of Fur
The Devil Kicks Dancehall
This freaky fur-piece voodoo billy outfit from Fenland farming country look like the bastard offspring of an unholy four-way bunk up between Bettie Page, Zorro, Uncle Fester and Mr Macphisto.
They sound like the equally unwanted children of the Cramps, Link Wray, Nancy Sinatra and the Rezillos. And they just wanna be loved…
So, so sexy, melodramatic and twangy.
Check ’em out at the Dirty Water Club here:



The Go Go Cult
The Devil Kicks Dancehall
From a heavily armed farmhouse in the swamplands of Reading the Go Go Cult play crazy & surreal 50’s Psychedelic Punk. It’s like crossing Johnny Cash with The Clash (perhaps Johnny Clash) and seeing what happens.
The chemical mix is explosive.
And it will shake your pants.




Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons
The Devil Kicks Dancehall
Basingstoke rock ‘n’ rollers Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons have all the twang necessary to shake your quiff and get those winkle-pickers a-popping. Toyah-sounding vocals leer and veer about, as the crunchy rock beats glisten and glitter.

It’s always time to party with the Pussycat!

Check out “Trouble with the Devil” here:


Lady Chann
The Lion’s Den
Billed as the U.K’s number one dance-hall queen… When this lady steps on stage it is an explosion of vibes and energy. Combine that with her magnetic good looks and huge collaborations with names such as Toddla T, The Heatwave and UK star Sticky, this girl is not to be missed!
‘Sticky Situation’ – is a confluence of icky glutinous vocal sounds creating a breezy intro – then the muscular reggae gets stuck in,  to root out what’s what. But the ‘sticky situation’ chorus is like a sail seen on the horizon. It can be seen, but never reached. This song gloops, it wallows and finally it delights the listener.
Check out ‘Sticky Situation’ here:



The Lion’s Den

Reggae influenced Recording artist Stush is signed to Island records and known for UK top ten single ‘Get Down’ alongside Groove Armada.   Currently Stush is recording new material, and has recently launched her ‘already popular’ jewellery line Stushlery.




The Wandering Word

Put simply, Honeyfeet are Manchester’s best ethno-trad, barrel-house pop, cowpunk folk-hop band. It’s as easy as that to categorise them! Honeyfeet have already garnered a magnificent reputation as one of the best live acts in Manchester, down – in no small part –  to the vocal prowess of front-woman Ríoghnach Connolly, assisted by a tight rhythm section and a hefty bank of horns.

Honeyfeet will be releasing their debut EP “Little Boat” on Debt Records in the summer of 2012.

‘Knocking on Another Man’s Door’ is a soft elegy, preposterously shaky – and about to collapse in a faint at any given moment. The accommodating blues sounds tend to hold things up a little, but this shaky confection is just too fragile, it cannot stand on it’s own two legs. Calamity awaits.

‘You Let Me Down’ is smoky and jazzy. The clarinet twines around the Blue Café, lingering a while on the empty tables, before meeting with the claggy air outside. The voice is livid. You will feel terribly sad. The drip-drip of unwanted rain in your life will shock you. Yes, you will have been let me down, lover. But the lingering taste of rich jazz will captivate the soul.



The Infinite Collective
The Hanging Gardens

The Ska/funk/electro outfit The Infinite Collective from Plymouth just buzz and purr. This group of like minded musicians, encompassing many styles and backgrounds, aim to come together and partake in nights of fun and creativity.

They’ve had many successful times at festivals and running nights in gig venues across the southwest… and now they have been let loose at Boomtown!

They are as greasy as a grey seal on a slimy rock. But as potent as a red rutting rooster on the strut.



The Meow Meows
The Hanging Gardens

The Meow Meows are a legendary eight piece traditional Ska ‘n’ Roll supergroup from Brighton, UK. with vocals from Danny and Hanna and a whole pile of juicy sounds from saxophone, trumpet and guitars.

Their unique sound is something of an amalgamation of 60s garage rock ‘n’ roll, 80’s 2 tone ska and anything else they may feel like chucking in. They formed back in summer 2005 mainly as an excuse to drink on a week-night, but since then they have played with major international acts including The Beat, King Blues, Bad Manners, The Slackers, and The Aggrolites.

Song ‘Bad Man’ is refreshingly bright with stashes of breezy chords and an upbeat attitude. A profusion of drums is the precursor to those flamboyant Meow Meow horns – and then you realise that this is a ‘Twist’ – so get twistin’ sister!  Absolutely superb!




The Hanging Gardens

Say it with a song… and why not indeed especially when you have a lot to say and a voice strong enough to ensure that you are heard!  Keltrix is a varied beast, grooving it up one minute with freak folk foot stomping crowd pleaser’s before sliding into ambient acoustic moments then rousing it up all over again with hints of ska, rock disco and dubfunk. An eclectic mix but one that appears to work…

Keltrix are led, most fearlessly into battle by Keri. Better known as ‘Scouse’ for obvious reasons after a few ciders, Keri’s fiery, temperament is just as apparent in her voice as it is in her general demeanour, though she and the rest of the band are really quite nice when you get to know them.

With a flourish of Spanish guitar and some wavering strings ‘Different But The Same’ starts. Keri’s vocals may remind you of Grace Slick crossed with Sandy Denny. Seeping enough to shiver your timbers, but protesting and hard faced when the nuances need it. This is a spiky song – as spiny as the holly that is lyrically painted- the pain and aggravation is hardly hidden. But the quality is like a highly polished piece of furniture. It even smells rich and waxy!

Check ’em out here:


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