Tankus the Henge Bad Dreams

My Recurring Dream is finding myself living in a steam-punk house on top of a giant  hill … bats as pets … and piranhas in my bathroom.

So when I wake up, I’m not afraid of the day. In fact it comes as a relief.

But Tankus The Henge – six lords in the city (they make glorious ragtime rock, reggae and gypsy punk ) – seem to have a high-flying dream that studies the inadequacies of their devotions.

And they sing about it in their new single: Recurring Dream.

tankus the henge smallWe had a listen:

And after flying (through the night) with their loves – into the air – it comes as a shock to face up to the truths of the day.

The voice of frontman Jaz Delorean sounds dastardly at times.

The dieselpunk piano chuckles. And huge horns splash out in sympathy.

The regal chorus is wonderful. It churns up a huge sea of emotion within your heart.

And the fairground tinkles and furious drumming all add to the excitement.

This is rich ska revival pop for a new generation of rudies … and you will enjoy frolicking in the fun-house.

@neilmach © 2014





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