Visions of Trees at Beacons

East London male-female duo ‘Visions of Trees’, ( Sara Atalar and Joni Juden) create moody electro-pop.

Sometimes gloomy, always unexpected. Their music is inspirational and can never be taken for granted.

Festival goers can see the duo perform live at this year’s Beacons Festival on the Greendales Stage (on Friday).

Beacons is a fresh art & music boutique festival for the North, set upon the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

The band have now released their first album on the Something In Constuction label entitled ‘Visions of Trees’.

Here we take a listen:

The ‘Visions of Trees’ self titled album begins with ‘Isolates’ –  a cheeky hoisin. A spicy, peppery soup of chip-chop beats and slices of fried and flipperty fragments. Sizzling.

‘Turn 2U’ is more spatial. Eddies of flickering colour gather around the central motif – a sweet breathy voice that is as light as a feather and as clingy as a cobweb. A distant rhythm begins to form, and this starts to become stronger with the progression of the song.  It is then that the dainty fragments of sensitive keys start to flit and fly  up – like loose chippings  – to pin-prick your face.

‘Ocean Floor’ has a mouthful of throbbing, heaving sounds. Drawing in and out painfully. The eerie voice shines like the moon in a sterling mist. The gloops tide and bubble – and the world  remains silvery firm, and proudly steadfast, above the deep blue.

‘With You’ is esoteric and private. A voice whispers to you confidentially. Charming and crystal clear. A windfall of pleasurable sound rushes in to swamp you. But by then it is secret love.

‘Everything Awaits’ is a brilliant pick ‘n’ mix bag of nuggets. The angelic voices rise and fall gently,  like the breath of a lover in recovery. The pace grows ever more urgent – and glass towers pop up randomly-   at intersecting intervals. These cause small fissures within the dense mesh-like woven structures created by the sound.

– © Neil_Mach August 2012 –


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