Koreless at The Beacons

Busy British DJ/Producer Lewis Roberts aka “Koreless” released his highly energized.debut 12”  last year on Pictures Music to a large and very pleased fanbase.

His sounds are less womp- womp & dub-steppy – and more fragrant and thoughtful. They tend to linger in the heart of the listener, long after the dance is over.  Although not directly related to jazz, the listener can tell that the music of Koreless is inspired by jazz rhythms and textures.

Koreless has now released “Lost In Tokyo” to much applause.

We took a listen, along with a couple of older Koreless tracks.  Here’s what we thought:

‘Lost in Tokyo’  sounds like patterns made by confused ghosts that haunt a lonely tube line. Icy drips of muddy water sliver down blackened walls. The dark floor is permanently cold.  Echoes dominate the darkness. This is a sooty and foreboding place.  But a rattle in the distance means life.  Bright lights and a rush of sound means that life passes in and passes by.  Life is a rush.  And then it is all over.

‘MTI’  is like an old haunted trail.  And in this gnarly passage, the ghosts rise and flitter against an emerging bongo rhythm and a blue bass line. It’s all over before it even sinks in.  This is sparse, inventive and incredibly invasive.

‘4D’  Yodels and wriggles. Limbs are crushed against one another, rubbing each other along slickly.  Inky blots of pure colour spatter the crinkly surfaces of this piece. Dainty buttons shine frostily in the middle portion. Then the buzzy beat gets moving again, against a speckled landscape. Splendid !

Fans of the unusual can witness Koreless live at this year’s Beacons Festival – Skipton – on 18th August on the Greendales Stage.

– © Neil_Mach August 2012 –



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