Abi Wade at Shhh Festival

Abi Wade Heavy Heart

Abi Wade has been described as a  “Complete musical collaboration between limbs, strings and vocal chords….”

Her music is seamlessly sewn together,  each beat, melody and bass line put exactly in its place, to create songs that pull the heart strings and a performance that will beguile and intrigue.

On 26th Nov  2012 Abi released ‘HEAVY HEART’ – her new single.

We had a listen, and here’s what we thought:

This song starts with a gentle rush of strings fluttering into a field of pit-a-pat percussion  A faint accompaniment of angel-wings, and lightly oozed sighs, creates a patina of light before the luscious voice begins it’s  sooth massage. Slivers of slick sound slide down easily into the grooves. The song gradually builds up with an ease and efficiency that can only be described as divine.  -© Neil_Mach January 2013 –

The Local  has announced that Abi Wade will play the Shhh Festival on Saturday, 2nd February, 2:00PM — 11:00PM. @ Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead Heath.

For more info check The Local. http://www.facebook.com/thelocalmusic

You can listen to  HEAVY HEART before ordering- http://lovethyneighbour.bandcamp.com/

Abi Wade Link:


Shhh Festival

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