Chords of Truth Remixed Project

During his creation of the project “Reflections of Reality” (an Acoustic EP) the accomplished folk singer-songwriter Jason Garriotte began a journey that led him to many and various electronic music producers – who were then invited to create inventive remixes of his songs. He was astonished and delighted with the results. So he went one step further, and he put together a ‘remixed contest’  – this resulted in the creation of an incredible collection of music.

The final result, whittled down from a collection of over 50 remixes (available on line)  is a double disc compilation album of some of the best and most diverse remixes of his songs,  from all the producers involved in this project.

The remix producers featured on this collection are:  David Andersen, Jean-Baptisté Bourgois, Sidney Bostwick, Vince Gauthier, Avraam Georgiadis, Joshua Gleissner, Niklas Großwald, Jean-Pierre Jaffré, Brandowitsch Kreativschmiede, Stephen McNally, Mike Ryder, David Thomas Smith, Pierre Vergeat, Cas Weinbren – The disc was mastered by Jeffrey Joslin.

We had a listen:

Chords of Truth double LPTune Your Mind (Momentum Folkhouse Remix)’  has a flourishing and nourishing flamenco guitar style.  Tiny pin-pricks of bass bleep out before a pondering keyboard begins an accompaniment to the nasal voice, slightly Gallic.  The lyrics seem to awkwardly protrude into the soothing Spanish beats.  It is not a snug fit.

Compare this with ‘Tune Your Mind (Brandowitsch Electropopfolk Remix)’  and the listener can experience a very different interpretation – this is a piece of modular clubland haze,  with electronic beeps and fuzzy circuits. It has mismatched rhythms and echoing chimes that reflect the  “Patterns… and waves” lyric.

Listen (Tha Green Raver Folkstep Remix)’ is a tumultuous fluster of castanets and lace sleeves. It has a dusty beat and rattles of vibrating rhythms. As in the ‘Tune Your Mind’ Brandowitsch remix, the vocals in this track also seem squeezed in, like an agile gymnast imprisoned in a box that is too small.

The comparison with ‘Listen (Venumb Dubstep Remix)’ is not so stark as the contrasts  on the ‘Tune Your Mind’ tracks. The dubstep, when it finally comes, is imaginative and lightweight – just touching the surface of Jason’s Cat Steven’s vocal style and his stubbly delivery.

Moments (The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix)’ has stained glass colours and spiraling rhythms . A percussive mix is lightly tapped out, and the voice sounds withered and gravelly.

Moments (Oopoe Electrofolk Remix)’ is a piano-blues number with wind-chimes and recorder sounds,  creating a nest for the preaching sentiments of the vocal.

So, on this album, each producer works on two tracks.  And each pair is recreated as an EP in its own right. There are nine original songs. The album contains 26 tracks. This is an ambitious and serious project – and every remix provides a source of inspiration and encouragement all of its own.

But the problem with this type of large collection is that – as a free-standing piece of work – which probably will never be heard in its entirety –  it is always going to be viewed as a  pick ‘n’ mix assortment of ideas.

But there are advantages to this approach … each listener will be able to find a choice nugget or a succulent bite  – if they have time to rifle hrough the various sections.

But will you have the patience to sit through all the various manifestations?  Probably not.

-© Neil_Mach February 2013 –


Reflections of Reality – Remixed Collection – is due to be released 12 March 2013

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