Volenté – ‘Broken Promises’

South Wales siren Volenté is set to release a trio of songs called “Broken Promises”, seeing her further develop her electronic credentials. She has already received a host of critical acclaim – as she champions boundary blurring creativity and the creative imagination.

When she isn’t spending her time being a full-time mum, Volenté is an extremely talented artist, with many years of experience in the music industry. These tracks are a fusion of drum’n’bass, jungle, electronic, classical music and R & B, with heavy elements of dubstep thrown in for good measure.

Volente Broken Promises Front CoverVolenté

We had a listen to the title track  ‘Broken Promises’ and here’s what we thought:

Among the bric-a-brac and assorted objects, the silver-fish voice sparks out. Discovering it is like finding a diamond bracelet, unexpectedly,  in your sock drawer.

Volenté’s voice is sweetly childlike, with a cotton-bud mildness that swells the low moaning yawning beneath the lattice-like structure of the song.  A moodscape of echoes responds gently, turning to flocks of circling sea-gulls.   This helps us to recall feelings of openness and isolation. © Neil_Mach

Volenté – Broken Promises
Label: Dockrad Records
Release Date: March 25th, 2013

Volenté will be playing a host of shows to promote ‘Broken Promises’ including:

Fri 22nd March – Warehouse 54, Newport
Fri 12th April – Dublin Castle, London
Fri 26th April – Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

Link: http://www.volente.co.uk/

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