Why Why Why The Woodentops

The Woodentops were an indie avant-funk band of the 80s that became more experimental and electronic and went on to record the definitive Balearic hymn: ‘Why Why Why’. The track was picked up by legendary Ibizan DJ Alfredo, it became an anthem at Amnesia on the White Isle, and The Woodentops inadvertently came to define the sound of the Balearic Islands.

REMASTERS REMIXES & RARITIESThe band was formed in 1983 in South London, with an initial line-up of Rolo McGinty (vocals, guitar, formerly of The Wild Swans and The Jazz Butcher), Simon Mawby (guitar), Alice Thompson (keyboards), Frank DeFreitas (bass guitar), and Paul Hookham (drums). After a debut single, “Plenty” on Food Records in 1984, they signed to the independent label Rough Trade Records, releasing a series of singles in 1985 and their debut album, Giant, in 1986.

The Woodentops “Before During After” [Box set]1982-1992 Is Out Now.  This One Little Indian Collection of Remasters Remixes and Rarities  has been compiled from ten years of songs from the very beginnings (1982) to the eventual break up in 1992. Its available in stores, or online at Amazon.



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