Fenech-Soler Magnetic

Northamptonshire-based quartet Fenech-Soler, who bring the  summer crowds their effervescent brand of balloon-bursting,  dancing,  chancing and prancing psychedelia –  have announced that their first single from the new album – Magnetic–  is out now.

Fenech-Soler Blissfields Image © Neil_Mach 2013
Fenech-Soler Blissfields
Image © Neil_Mach 2013

The band have been cheering up British festival revellers up-and-down the country. (We caught up with the band at the beautiful Blissfields last weekend.)

Belonging to the same indie disco establishment as Delphic, The Klaxons and The Friendly Fires,  Fenech-Soler take four elements: the Fire of electro-funk, the Ice and the coolness of techno-pop, the Smoke of groovy ashy synth-bass and the Metal and sharpness of tangy guitars … with these ingredients they make music that appeals to clubbers and the alt/rock crowd alike.

The band have suggested that Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” was their main influence. They write songs which they describe as “Glam, psychedelia, zouk pop” and they released an EP produced by Moloko’s Mark Brydon.

The band have also successfully re-mixed tracks for Marina & the Diamonds and Example, while Ben has provided vocals for “Paper Romance” –  a song on ‘Black Light’ (Groove Armada.)

In 2010 they released their self-titled debut album, which featured three singles, “The Cult of Romance,” “Stop and Stare” and “Lies.”

We had a listen to ‘Magnetic’:

Filaments of spiralling,  cloudy sound float around the tender vocals “We are standing on a fault line” – followed by the rattle of drums and the tempered sense that something majestic and full of bliss is about to grow in your heart. Abundant synths and misty voices of gold,  shimmer &  spread like threads of cotton in balmy air.

Then –  with a fizz and a bubble –  you will reach the climactic chorus “Can you feel it too …”  This swelters and sways,  just like a good summer anthem should.

– © Neil_Mach July 2013 –



Grab it for yourself here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/magnetic-single/id652690612?affId=1818594

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