Krista Papista Pomoiselle

Krista Papista is an electronic musician / producer / artist based in London. The Cypriot / Australian has been producing her own material since the age of 13.  Her main influences are: Elvis, Bowie, Chet Baker and Carl Jung.

Krista Papista shortKrista’s music is characterized by soulful vocals that are accompanied by penetrating rhythms,  cinematic sounds and texts that are fed with raw sarcasm and contradictions. Papista describes her distinctive sound as “Sordid Pop”.

We had a listen to Pomoiselle and here’s what we thought:

Sharp and sardonic ‘Pomoiselle’ is a thorny cactoid of a song.

It’s as ferocious and as biting as a throng of razor toothed piranhas.  In amongst the pips and tucks, the spoken lamentation is as black as over-frothed mascara and about as dull as a biscuit water. 

 It will probably get some play at artsy fashion shows and doomy night-clubs. But this dark moth will never emerge fully formed from the fanciful buried cocooning.

– © Neil_Mach July 2013 –





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