Skindred Live Hard At Rock Hell

Back in August 2011 we were deliriously excited about Skindred’s UNION BLACK.  We already knew that this band were THE GREATEST LIVE BAND IN THE WORLD (Capitals Compulsory) but we didn’t know what a great ‘albums band’ they really were. Till this.

Here’s a selection of our comments – made at the time:

‘Warning’ (feat. Jacoby Shaddix) – has bass break beats that will break your bones and crush your hungry hippos. The world will turn into a dead sinuous tangle inside your muffled head directly after you slap this one onto your turntable.

Skindred Kill the PowerReggae thumps and echoing growls create tension for Benji’s dynamix on ‘Cut Dem’. Then the ‘Doom Riff’ hits your splitting head with those tin-pan rattles and growls of groovy guitar against a snarly, gnarly voice. But there is also a “Waa-Waa-Waa-Waa” chanting anthem… so it’s one for the stadiums. ‘Living A Lie’ leaves the punk-reggae aside for a moment- and creates a prog-metal powerdrive. It is said that Benji wanted Corey Taylor singing on this album – and I bet you he had this track in mind.

‘Guntalk’ brings back sunny Jamaica and some pure ragamuffin raging – but ‘Own You’ is as heady and as lead-heavy … as ponderously nu-metal … as ever could be. Even battle hardened Universal Soldiers would be deterred by this rack attack.

‘Get It Now’ is partly break-beat hardcore and partly heavy metal – a yailing, flaying beast of a song.

‘Death To All Spys’ starts off in a lickle dusty bar some way off the beaten-tracks, in some by-water flop-house … but as the vultures start to whirl above you, you realize that the  21st century technicians have arrived – rushing up the gravel path and startling all the residents… breaking  the windows and ripping up the grass…  causing merry chaos. And, like all Skindred numbers, you will be jacking around your room in your jim-jams like a spring-heeled pogo-boy/girl on heat to this one.  So watch your head!

Finally ‘Game Over’ whines and grinds into view. Wheezy sirens are heard above rumbling bass-lines and the simmering drum-work of Dirty Arya groans beneath. The itchy, flaky vocals whoosh around your dizzy head like fireflies on a sting mission.

HRH7 FB Advert-600Pix-240913And now we can’t wait for Kill The Power –  the forthcoming fifth studio album from the Welsh Raga-Muffins.  Yes – It’s due 2014.

If all this excitement was not enough you can also witness the monumental supremacy of SKINDRED live at Hard Rock Hell 2013.  The band will join Airbourne and Black Star Riders for this November’s Hard Rock Hell Cirque Du Rock “ over Nov 28-30th at Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park in Pwllheli, North Wales.




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