Maggie McClure Time Moves On

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-pianist Maggie McClure is set to release her new album, Time Moves On, on February 11, 2014, on her own label.  A majestic and atmospheric album of her most intimate songwriting, Time Moves On was produced by Justin Glasco (Dan Wilson, Tyler Hilton, Gary Jules, Margaret Cho, Adrianne Gonzalez, Garrison Starr and Cary Brothers).

“I feel extremely connected to this album,” Maggie McClure told us. “It’s very personal, and I did a lot experimenting.  I didn’t want to play it safe.  It’s about embarking on new and unpredictable journeys and making improvements to create your future.”

Maggie maintains complete independence and assumes the roles of label, booking agent, and manager. “I’m a true believer that if you want something to happen, you have to make it happen.”

Maggie Mclure time moves on 2fc2d1e202e483a0e74b665f_360x314We had an early listen.  Here’s what we thought:

Title track ‘Time Moves On’ has a ratcheted beat and argent vocals that sound like moonbeams bathed in bright quicksilver. Droplet key-strokes patter here-and-there and the percussion is rewarding and supportive. But it is the tune that will entrance you – reaching heady levels. Sometimes she stumbles, like a dancer, too tired to carry on. But then she regains her strength and balance. And begins again. To fly even higher. With open arms and grasping heart she reaches for the stars.

Reset’ has a gentle hand-cranked pace that is synchronized with the dexterity of the  faltering voice.  And this is almost lisped out – a whispering sound – it flutters like a fragile silk-shift that is spread out in the moonlight.    The unprecedented intimacy of this track is aided by words that are gently – yet rhythmically – enunciated. And a generous accompaniment that helps to ornament the otherwise hand-tinted emotions.

Closer Than Before’ is a cheerful ditty. “You and I agreed / This was a risk worth taking”.  It’s about feeling closer to one’s sweetheart yet being unable to express the words exactly. The flirting vocal drifts from certain truth to anxious doubts in just a few mouth-fulls. The breathy voice is full of hesitation. And this sense of irresolution is articulated by the fine powder of granulated guitars and and salty percussion that is left behind.

This is sweet – but not nauseatingly syrupy. It is just the stuff for a lazy afternoon, a walk in the park or a cuddle-up in bed.

– © Neil_Mach October 2013 –


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