Leapfrog Dreaming In Public

Leapfrog like to keep their heads down whilst jumping.  They do not have any “Internet Presence”  and their identity is not easily traced. Apparently they were formed in the spring of 2013 – and they write and record in leafy West London fusing their influences of Talking Heads, David Bowie and eels .

Leapfrog shortDreaming in Public/Double Trouble is their debut single release.

Leapfrog’s singer and guitarist Chris Guard says:

“Dreaming in Public started in the art room at my daughter’s primary school. I was asked to inspire the kids so together we learned to make surreal pictures out of our so-called mistakes. Walking home in a daze after one of these sessions I started writing the song. Kids open up your mind like a hallucinogen.”

Title track “Dreaming In Public”  is like being hit by the messy traffic first thing in the morning. Confusing and crazy. A lazy bass twangs low and resonates around the chequered vocal – and this spits out, like a diesel on the crank. A twisting ironwork of guitars strong-arms its way in to take over a while. But the incessant refrain “Dreaming In Public” eventually hacks you into submission.  This song is a mouthful of adrenalin.

Double Trouble” has an eloquent bass and some tiny droplets of fine accompanying vocal. Then the pondering and despondent main vocal steps in. Mocking, discouraged and miserable. This number’s lo-fi production and the deranged and stained imagery all help to evoke a feeling of rawness and unhealthy impurity.

We also had a listen to “The Room” which is almost ska-punk. (There’s even a reference to The Maytals “Monkey Man”.)  A rattling pace and a Jam-like bass-beat eats into your temporal lobe and – in turn – it causes your toes to twitch. The distorted guitar pinpricks are not uncomfortable. Neither are the doo-wop vocals. Then a glorious shiver runs down your spine, as the golden saxophone peeps into view. At this stage, the whole piece becomes implicative  of Bowie’s “Drive-In Saturday”.

– © Neil_Mach November 2013 –

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