Kerbgrinder short1: Kyrbgrinder
Stage Times To be Confirmed

The Kyrbsters are busy!  After their HRH show, they plan to play another gig their home town before hitting the studios hard  to get Kyrbgrinder #3 laid down.

Kyrbgrinder are a hard rocking funky metal trio from London noted for their outstanding live shows and brilliant new album “Cold War Technology” (produced by Karl GroomDragonforce.)

If you like ‘Skindred’  you’re bound to love this.

Songs like ‘ Don’t Stand In My Way’ are demons of fiery turmoil.  The mature vocals (award winning drummer Johanne James)  are lusty and clear – but set against constant furrowing mists of guitar (Aaron Waddingham) and those relentless flurries of startling drums. It’s funk with attitude. And it’s a nuclear assault on your lug-holes.


cross eyed mary short2: Cross Eyed Mary
Stage Two Friday 22:30 – 23:20

If your tastes are more lusty, dark, sleazy and powerful – might we suggest a visit to Maryland?    The Belfast band was formed in  2009 and plays a pure breed of hard rock n’ roll . Imagine ‘Alice In Chains’ crossed with ‘Guns N’ Roses’ to get an idea.

At HRH Jason will be joining Kev, Brian and the others, with Rachel & Sarah on backing vocals and Gordy Gray back on drums (Ryan Hodges has been standing in recently) to provide a really sensational show.

Very highly recommended.


Mia Klose3: Mia Klose
Bonga Wonga on Friday at 13.00

Mia Klose is the hot Swedish bombshell of 80s rock – somehow (using supernatural means) she has arrived here in 2013 to entertain you.

Oozing with sexy confidence and oodles of charisma – her music is a perfect fusion of metal and melody.

She will be playing UNPLUGGED @ Bonga Wonga on 29th of Nov at 13.00 – so you just gotta check that out.

If you might miss her at HRH may we suggest catching her with FATAL SMILE at The Garage London 27th Nov.


trippy wicked short4: Trippy Wicked
Stage Two Friday 01:00 – 02:00

Almost completely impossible to categorise – Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight create thundering experimental sleaze rock.

It’s a kind of blues infused stoner rock sludge-fest. And this Hertfordshire UK band have had critics round-the-world all worked up about their idiosyncratic vibes.

We suggest you start your journey of exploration with ‘Underground’ which has a metallic brew-up of steaming scuzz and throttling riffs. The menacing vocals are razor-sharp and the percussion is a blast of sparks and fury.


Fireroad short5: Fireroad
Stage Two Thursday 00.15 – 01.00

Richard Jones, the band’s frontman, has a long history of performing within the local rock scene at Aberdare, Wales – he even became involved with the ‘Tragic Love Company’ that later evolved into the Stereophonics.

We enjoyed the professionalism and skill of this band at 2013’s ‘Highway to Hell’ competition in Glasgow – where the band – quite justifiably – secured themselves a slot at this year’s fest.

Comparable to ‘Gaslight Anthem’ or the ‘Foo Fighters’– Fireroad play good music with confidence and ease.


Stubb short6: STUBB
Stage Two Friday 17:00 -17:45

The power trios of the late 60’s and early 70’s were the blueprint for the loud driving, fuzzed up heavy blues rock of Stubb.

Now comprising of Jack Dickinson, Tom Fyfe– and Peter Holland, this pocket-sized London trio bring you super-sized heavy rock and psych-  mixed with a pile of other influences.

Songs like  ‘Scale The Mountain’ have an emotional edge of raw power – with grinding-hips guitar and slurs of fuzzy bass lines – together with astonishing percussive acrobatics.


Crucified Barbara short7: Crucified Barbara
Stage One  Friday 17:15 – 18:15

CRUCIFIED BARBARA is Sweden’s hardest rocking quartet, playing a fiery brand of rock ‘n’ roll tinged with metal and lashings of punk, pop, thrash, and whatever else dares to cross their path.

Lead singer Mia Coldheart is powerfully accompanied by Klara Force on guitars, Ida Evileye on bass and the wildly hypnotic Nicki Wicked on drums.

Their searing hot new album ‘The Midnight Chase’ (out on Nuclear Blast) has been getting ladle-fulls of attention and their ardent flaming-hot new video  The Crucifier (see below) is a groaning full-throttle metal studded road howler.

The grizzled vocals on this track are surrounded by the swirling,  fear-hungry,  bestial guitars that prowl for their prey around the ear-damaging drums. It’s  a snapper and a grabber of a song.

Words & Main Photo : © Neil Mach

28TH NOV to 01 DEC
Hafan Y Môr Holiday Park
Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales, LL53 6HJ





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