Teddy Primate

East London based art-pop four piece ‘Teddy’ – composed of Tom Falle and Eddy Bailhache, Jack Darvill and Alex Glover have just released a new single titled ‘Primate

Their live shows are often described as turmoil filled raucous-heavy creations of upheaving intrigue. They take their influences from the likes of Arcade Fire and Talking Heads.

This new song starts out like a pile-up in jazz-shop …  a guitar simply fizzes while various percussive elements flow into each other, squelching, foaming and jingling.

The voice is clear and stringy – and it leads us through a messy landscape that is as prickly as a paddle cactus but twice as figgy.

This juicy jelly-candy song is a delicious feast. Judging from this show, Teddy is going to be a band to watch for 2014!

– © Neil_Mach December 2013 –






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