Dressmaker Adds a Touch of Glass

Having developed a reputation as a fearsome live act, and lauded by NME & VICE, London based Dressmaker now release their debut EP June 23rd, simply titled ‘Glass’.

A UK tour [dates below] follows the release  – with fellow Londoners “Terminal Gods”.

Dressmaker glass epWe have been listening to ‘Glass’:

The title track is a flurry of wailing guitars. With a sneazy, snearing voice that radiates out through the fibrous accompaniments.

Then spreads thickly like butter on a gnarly loaf.

The Future’ has a bunch of angular guitar sounds that slip in-and-out and peek unexpectedly.

The joyless, vocal punk seems surprisingly unflustered.

And the pace and stability will remind you of David Byrne.

But this is more jagged and bony than modern-day hardcore punk.

Yes, it is unruly – but it has the singular mind and the motivation to whirr into your brain. And dig deep into your reflexes.

Skeleton Girl’ is dark and vibrant. With a halting step and a pouting voice.

This is darkly passionate and very nostalgic. A dark treacle-fudge of a song.

@neilmach © 2014





15th July – Powerlunches (London)
16th July – 13th Note (Glasgow)
17th July – Bannermans (Edinburgh)
18th July – Wharf Chambers (Leeds)
19th July – Giffard Arms (Wolverhampton)
25th July – Buffalo Bar (London)


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