Natalie McCool Digs It Out

Natalie McCool, one of the most well respected singer-songwriters to emerge recently, has announced the upcoming release of her second single of the year.

Dig It Out’ will surely build upon the plaudits and momentum that previous single ‘Wind Blows Harder’ cultivated, which garnered praise from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Clash, NME and Indie Shuffle.

McCool boasts the very finest musical background, graduating from the highly prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) with top honours.

A burgeoning alumni career has seen McCool perform at Hyde Park to an audience of 120,000, with a live four-track EP from London’s Abbey Road Studios also under her belt.

Fans of McCool’s work include Sir Paul McCartney, Bernard Butler (Suede), Steve Lamacq and Mojo founder Paul Du Noyer.

Natalie McCool - The voice hzs the divine splendour of holiness...
Natalie McCool – The voice hzs the divine splendour of holiness…
We listened to ‘Dig It Out’:

Sitting somewhere between the trembling beauty of Copenhagen’s Kill J and the feminine sparkle of Iceland’s Ólöf Arnalds – the vocals here are like floating crystal swans.

The chorus really stands out. Like a determined moth. She is trembling and fluttering toward a dangerous sky.

The song is rarely embellished. It has an almost invisible boney corselette of small brushes and lighter accompaniments.

This helps, to give the voice that divine splendour of holiness

This is slim and tidy. And it feels so, so good.

@neilmach © 2014


‘Dig it Out’ Single launch will take place on September 16th @ Madame Jojos (White Heat, London, tickets:–being-there)

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