Sinkane Holds Out for Mean Love

Fake Jazz Sudanese (New Yorker) Sinkane – headquartered in Ohio – is aka one-man funk-band Ahmed Gallab (Note: he tours with his live-band Jason Trammell (drums, vocals), Mikey Freedom Hart (guitar, keyboards, vocals)& Mike Montgomery (bass, vocals.)

His smooth, soulful jazz-funk is easy on the ears – and sentimental as syrup.

But there’s fire in the heart too!

So be prepared for fiesta-sized guitar solos and sparkling flute solos (think: Ron Burgundy.)

If all this doesn’t sound like “Your thing …” Please remember – it is designed to chill-you-out or funk-you-away. Your choice.

We listened to “Hold Tight”, from the album, Mean Love:

A lazy indolent pace is accompanied by a fabulously low, sparkling bass-line.

A famished streak of organ is smeared across the wide-screen.

The voice is superimposed onto this undertow. Bright and oh-so high.

It is set-out in peaky clouds – white and bright.

The lows elevate this song (of introspection and soul) into something almost prog-rock in style and substance.

Guys, this is good!

@neilmach © 2014


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