Borgeous Invincible

Fresh from his UK number 1 single – Borgeous is quickly making waves in the Electronic Dance Music scene as a top class music producer and DJ. His keen ear and innate talent to produce a provocative, textured sound has made people take notice.

His UK number 1 “Tsunami (Jump)” which saw him team up with Tinie Tempah and Canadian duo Dvbbs is one of the biggest tracks of 2014 and has charted Worldwide!

John Borger aka Borgeous now returns for a solo effort, sounding better than ever with what is set to be a sure-fire hit for the autumn “Invincible”. Stunning sing-along vocals and impressive drops guarantee this to be a massive main room anthem gracing dance floors for years to come.

Borgeous- silver and platinum peaks...
Borgeous- silver and platinum peaks…

We listened to ‘Invincible’ :

The sign of a big track is that it can fill a monstrous cavity …  And this track will certainly do the job.

Uncredited, Julia Michaels sings through the high-rolling sounds – as she cracks the crystal field.

And it’s all very reminiscent of “Titanium” by Guetta – with those lines of silver and platinum peaks.

Perhaps not so ‘ballady’ – but in any case, the same type of quality span and energetic dedication.

Tantalising and lustrous paramagnetic sounds for your ear-pipes!

@neilmach © 2014




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