LÖWIN — Gonna Run You

Austin-based indie rock foursome Löwin have just released their new single “Gonna Run You” taken from their debut EP Royal Jelly out April 7th.

Löwin takes their name from the German word for “lioness,” and draws comparisons to bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Deap Vally and The Kills.

We have been listening to Gonna Run You:

A low-twanging and agreeably insistent, rubbery bass invites the glum vocal from Sara to walk in it’s elbow-room along a cragged track.

It’s a path that she is not entirely comfortable with.

The vocal joins the squeezy riffs and the squirts of percussion. This is a bit like an indie-rock version of Jefferson Starship – rather psychedelic – rather progressive – but sparkling in its gnarliness.

This song gets into your pores then starts bleeding into your brain – if you let it in.

Which you will.

@neilmach 2015 ©




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