The Simmer and Glamour of Bangkok Night-Life — This New Anthem by THE ISAN PROJECT Tops the Charts

A song penned about the world’s largest adult playground “Nana” — in Bangkok — has topped the chart in Thailand.

She’s taking me to Nana...
She’s taking me to Nana…

Nana” by “The Isan Project” Ft. Ex China Black front man “Errol Reid” and The Voice (Thailand) “Pui Duangpon” — took top spot in the iTunes chart this week [Nana- Single – The Isan Project] and is tipped to be a hit in other countries, the song was written about Asia’s most popular tourist destinations.

The Isan Project is a collaboration of Thai and Western sounds and a documentary is being filmed about it.

The song and video is about a Thai girl dragging her find into the dark streets of Nana for a night out. It’s no surprise everybody laughs on the skytrain when then PA announcement says “Next Station – Nana” — not only is the it a key station in the Thai capital for day time commuters — but when the neon lights come on and the girls take their seats in the bars it becomes the busiest skytrain stop in Bangkok.

We had a listen:

The pace of this anthem is just as uncontrollable as the heat and activity in Bangkok.

Fizzing, yeasty, peppered. And the male vocals slur (just a little) — genuinely wilting in all that heady simmer and neon glamour.

The lyrics are familiar, and the chorus “She’s taking me to Nana…” Is relentless.

The keys and the beats of chip persistently below. The huskily expressed Duangpon adds a shine to the song… as it goes on to rule the night.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


Check the video below.

Written by Errol Reid Ted Nilsson and Will Robinson
Produced by Errol Reid Ted Nilsson (The Midland Knights)
Executive Producer Will Robinson



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