Alt Pop Artist ANNE TELLO Releases New Version of Woodstock — Perfect for Summer Concert Season

Palo Alto, Californian born alternative pop artist Anne Tello has just released “Woodstock” — the second single to be taken from her debut full-length album #ThinkDifferent — to be released this autumn.

Influenced by major pop acts such as Ingrid Michaelson and Rihanna, Tello puts a modern electronic-pop spin onto “Woodstock” that breathes new life into the iconic counter-culture anthem.

luminosity and passion
luminosity and passion

We had a listen:

Tello’s version of the Joni Mitchell’s classic has deeply ribbed low thuds that fork out all along the bottom…

While those splendid water-ice pure vocal lines shine overhead.

We may be only cosmic dust, but our bodies are brought into spirit by something far more amazing than just simple atomic configuration.

The breath of life is the most complex of the universe’s achievements.

And here, the luminosity and the passion in the voice reminds us of the extraordinary miracle of just being. Now just live it…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©




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