Adrenalin-Fuelled Rock Hottnosity from BUCKCHERRY — The Madness from New Album Rock ‘N’ Roll

The Los Angeles multi-platinum-selling rock band Buckcherry — truly one of the hardest working rock bands on the planet — will release their seventh studio album later this month.

Titled Rock ‘N’ Roll, the new album promises to reignite classic rock ‘n’ roll music in a way the fires up imaginations and recaptures hearts.

Rock 'N' Roll - Buckcherry
Rock ‘N’ Roll – Buckcherry

We have been listening to the latest track to be released from the forthcoming album:

The Madness” has terrific speed and incredible silk-martini hottness.

The elegant lines of guitar are lacy and aware.

And as skilled & powerfully hypnotic as a Friday-night grinder with a generous tip to look forward to.

The voice is masculine, lean and agile. Ultra-strong, but without being badass.

And that’s wonderful fun thing about Buckcherry.

They create the kind of harmony and melody that other bands can only wish for. Yet they still retain the swagger and pomp that sets them apart from the mundane.

Pure, adrenalin-fuelled rock hottnosity

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Rock ‘N’ Roll – is OUT August 21st
Get singles Bring It On Back and The Madness instantly when you pre-order on iTunes.


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