Acid pt. 1 from the Two Piece Garage-Electronics Band THE CAULFIELD BEATS

The Caulfield Beats are Londoners  Lawrence Northall + Molly Dixon.

Their new single ‘Acid pt.1‘ demonstrates a continuation of the band’s unique style, in driving bass-heavy dance music, set against a wild ‘n’ untamed live sound.

Sinister and experimental, ‘Acid pt. I’ gives gives fans a further glimpse of what to expect from the debut LP (due next year) whilst steering us into further recesses of a ‘new breed’ in club culture.

Acid, Pt. I - Single - The Caulfield Beats
Acid, Pt. I – Single – The Caulfield Beats

We had a listen:

A disturbing bass-wallow starts off this unrestrained mud ‘n’ water indulgence.

The foil & smoked vocal is smeared, smeaked and stained across the silvery vibrations.

If you like your dance-sounds to buffalo around, squirming with intent… and to be filled with wubs and wobble… This will be for you.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©





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