RED — The New Folk Rock Album by ECHO BLOOM is Reviewed Here

New York folk-rockers ECHO BLOOM recently ended their 35-date German tour and returned to the United States to announce the release of their new album titled RED.

The latest project sees the group drift away from the popular orchestral folk of their earlier work, instead fusing story-driven country and feedback-drenched shoegaze.

Red, is the second album in Echo Bloom’s Colors trilogy.

ECHO BLOOM, led by Kyle Evans, became party hardened after the release of their last record Blue which has already been described as “a masterpiece…

After Blue the band embarked on several lengthy tours that brought them to Europe and took then across the United States, gelling the group into a tight recording unit.

Red - Echo Bloom
Red – Echo Bloom

We have been listening to Red 

Leaving Charleston” loco-motes down grease stricken tracks.

The guitars screech like iron wheels bursting out of tight rhythms.  But the vocal behaves… It’s a glint in the eye and hat-cocked over a sooted lash. The duet comprises of sunny patches mixed with messy curls.  What a delight!

Operator” is a reverberating hummer with rusty pieces of trash littered around an earthen landscape.

The voice is earthy-crunchy and a little organic. Smooth like butter and slathered with emotion… It’s as thick as dripping. The last time we had feelings this maudlin was with “Sylvia’s Mother” and that was back in ’72.

Evangeline” bubbles like a pot left on the stove for too long.

It is a long sigh. A satin shift falling slowly to the ground. Possibly too melodramatic… Nevertheless,  this number clings to your heart like wet silk… It also catapults all your problems into the grid. So that can’t be bad, can it?

Wait for the guitar-work that comes almost-too-late… It will outshine any and all of your anticipations.

We also have, on this album, an instrumental piece of some beauty… “Cynthia’s Song” which is finely picked and artfully accompanied by chattering keys. A violin annunciates before it expires. Wonderful!

These folks are gettin’ it right … again and again…. Thank the lord, thank the lord!

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©


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