New Track from Japanese Trio NISENNENMONDAI

NISENNENMONDAI are three girls from Tokyo — Sayaka Himeno (drums), Yuri Zaikawa (bass) and Masako Takada (guitar).

The trio have been playing instrumental music together since 1999.

From their initial beginnings as a noisy no wave band openly referencing influences such as Sonic Youth, DNA and This Heat, they have since polished and streamlined their sound with a minimalist pulse and more emphasis on the possibility of hypnotic repetition — creating artistic events that can be compared to ‘organic techno’.

NISENNENMONDAI - rhythms are a twisting maelstrom of hints and niggles ...
NISENNENMONDAI – rhythms are a twisting maelstrom of hints and niggles …

The band are much loved by other musicians including Battles, Prefuse 73 and Chris & Cosey (Throbbing Gristle.)

In recent years they have made many connections in dance culture, especially with their 2015 real-time collaborations and recordings with the legendary English dub producer Shackleton [Skull Disco ]

#N/A (literally, Nisennenmondai with Adrian Sherwood) is a NEW STUDIO ALBUM which sees the cult Japanese trio filtering their epic motorik jams through the mixing desk of Sherwood.

We have been listening to their Nisennenmondai – #3

This twangs and bites like a rusty set of bed coils and with an urgent natural elasticity.

The rhythms are a twisting vortex of tips and torments as the rhythm drills deep into your skull.

This is like standing on top of a rickety shed and waiting for a Chinook … all rotor noise and clatter… to announce its imminent arrival …

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©



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