OLIVIA SEBASTIANELLI Makes a Statement by Lighting Fires

OLIVIA SEBASTIANELLI is currently preparing the release of her debut single titled “Lighting Fires.”

The single starts gently and mysteriously before rising quickly to a crescendo…

It’s a song with a considerable sense of urgency that develops and fattens with each listen

I gave everything to that song — ” Olivia told us. “By the time I’d finished recording it, I was exhausted! It’s a big track, vocally, but I wanted to make a statement with my first single, and I think I’ve done that with Lighting Fires. I like to call what I make lifestyle music. It’s the sort of music you put on when you go for a long drive, music that quite literally takes you on a journey. We’re all continually evolving and I try to create moments in songs that reflect that.

Olivia Sebastianelli - an aura through which a velveteen voice emits...
Olivia Sebastianelli – an aura through which a velveteen voice emits…

This debut single with an accompanying video (to be released later this spring) sets the tone for Olivia as an artist. With Lighting Fires Sebastianelli showcases her considerable songwriting talents and musical accomplishment to the full.

We had a listen:

Match-light sparkles create an aura through which the velveteen voice emits its wonderful rose-pink light.

The rhymes are a bit predictable and the synth is a tad formulaic, it seems … but the warm voice is the centerpiece of this beautiful song.

The majesty is fully developed …

This is lush and tender.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/OliviaSebastianelli/


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